Sky by K. Yee-08

Musical Bio:

Sky Onosson has been playing music since the age of five, starting on keyboards and then moving on to bass, guitar, saxophone, and trying his hand at pretty much anything he could put his hands on.

Sky is probably best known as a founding member (bass, keyboards, vocals) of Winnipeg's The New Meanies, who have released four albums since forming around 1990, including the Virgin Records release "Three Seeds", as well as the indie follow-up to that, "Highways".

As a member of the Meanies, and in other groups, Sky has had the privilege of opening for a number of well-known acts, including Deep Purple, Dave Matthews Band, Alice Cooper, Paul Rodgers (of Queen and Bad Company), Little Feat, Parliament/Funkadelic, The Beach Boys, Bruce Cockburn, and many, many others. The Meanies were nominated in 1999 for two Juno awards including “Best New Group”, and won a Prairie Music Award (former name of the WCMAs) for the video for "Letting Time Pass".

As a sideman and session musician, over the years Sky has played and recorded with notable current and former Winnipeg artists such as Sweet Alibi, The Guerrillas of Soul, Whitehorse, Sarah & Christian Dugas, Scott Nolan, Brandy Zdan, Romi Mayes, The Perpetrators, Rambling Dan Frechette, Twilight Hotel, Matt Epp, just to name a few.

Selected Discography:

1993 Blue Meanies "Experience Is Lost"

1995 Blue Meanies "Blue Meanies"

1998 New Meanies "Three Seeds"

           Leaderhouse "Leaderhouse"

2000 Motel 75 "Motel 75"

2001 New Meanies "Highways"

           Luke Doucet "Aloha, Manitoba"

2002 Scott Nolan "Postcards"

2003 Dave Quanbury "No Vacancy"

2005 Matt Epp "You'll Find Me Alone"

2006 Scott Nolan "No Bourbon Bad Radio"

           Romi Mayes "Sweet Somethin' Steady"

2008 Scott Nolan "Canadian Amplifier"

2009 Record of the Week Club "Record of the Week Club"

2010 Little Miss Higgins "Across the Plains"

2011 Rambling Dan Frechette "Nothing to Lose But the Blues"

2014 Sheena Grobb, "The Breakless Heart"

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